Applied Ecology of aquatic ecosystems (ApEcoLab) laboratory is located on the first floor of the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management building (two-floor building No 5) and occupies approximately 70 m2. It currently numbers three (3) full-time faculty members and one part-time, as well as undergraduate students.

ApEcoLAb  provides students with a wide spectrum of knowledge on a multidisciplinary approach of ecosystem conservation and management on biology, ecology and fisheries exploitation in coastal zone, transitional and freshwater ecosystems in order to project them in the fields of hydrobiology, aquaculture and fisheries.

Education include graduate studies and undergraduate courses with the co-ordination of other Universities.

More specifically research and teaching experience fall into the following broad categories: systematic of marine biota, biology, ecology and population dynamics of wild and reared marine organisms, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and  typology formation.


 Applied Ecology of aquatic ecosystems (ApEcoLab)
Department of Fisheries  and AquacultureTechnology
TEI of Western Greece
Nea Ktiria 30200 Mesolognhi
Tel.: +30 2631058237/202

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